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Is Ann Margaret Still Alive?

Images of the accomplished singer cum actress, Anna Margaret

Ann Margaret is a Swedish-born actress, who is famous for her role in the film, Carnal Knowledge. Ann came to the United States with her parents after the end of World War II.

When she first landed in the USA, Ann was singing in a girl group on the West Coast. She later met with George Burns who helped nurture her as a singer. Ann later switched her career into full-time acting. She has collaborated with notable names such as Elvis Presley and John Wayne. Ann’s role in Carnal Knowledge won her an Oscar nomination. Additionally, Ann Margaret has won numerous awards including 5 Golden Globe Awards. Find out if Ann Margaret is still alive in this review.

Ann Margaret is Still Alive

The accomplished singer cum actress, Ann Margaret is still alive. The revered actress is still active in acting but she is not as relevant as before. Her recent project was in 2017 heist comedy film, Going in Style. The film was a huge success and it featured accomplished actors like Morgan Freeman.

Death Rumors

Ann Margaret has not been subjected to any unfounded death rumors in recent times. However, the respected actress has suffered a death scare in the past. In 1972, Margaret fell down from a 22-foot platform, this led to multiple fractures on her face and her arm. She went into a three-coma following this incident.

As she was recovering in Los Angeles, disaster struck again when her father died shortly after.

Anna Margaret in black outfit and brown-golden hair

The accomplished singer cum actress, Anna Margaret.

Health Update

Margaret has not faced any notable health challenges in recent years. Nevertheless, the acclaimed actress as in the past struggled with alcoholism and depression following the death of her father. Luckily, her spouse Roger Smith helped her to rebuild her life.


80-year-old actress Margaret was born on April 28, 1941, in Valsjobyn, Sweden.

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