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Is Boy George Still Alive?

Boy George is Alive

Boy George is a British-born singer who is famous for his hit song, Karma Chameleon. George is also a lead singer of the pop band Culture Club. He is known for his unique voice and orthodox singing style, which made him stand out from singers of his generation.

Boy was brought up in a strict upbringing; his father was a violent man who beat his mother. This abusive relationship forced George to seek solace in music. His fans and critics think that the reason behind his soulful voice is his strict upbringing. Find out if Boy George is still alive in this review.

Boy George is Alive

The accomplished singer, Boy George is still alive. The singer has not been active in the music scene, but he still inspires young musicians. In 2015, George won the Ivor Novello Award for his contribution to British music. Additionally, Boy is the founder of the More Protein music label.

Death Rumors

Fortunately, George has not been subjected to unfounded death rumors. Nevertheless, George recently lost a close compatriot called Nick Kamen. Nick Kamen was a celebrated musician who shared close similarities with music icon Madonna. George eulogized Karmen as a beautiful and sweet man.

Additionally, in 1986, a songwriter called Michael Rudetsky was found dead in George’s mansion. Autopsy reports showed the songwriter died of a drug overdose.

Boy George with his close compatriot, Nick Kamen

A British-born singer, Boy George with his close compatriot, Nick Kamen.

Health Update

George has not suffered any significant health problems in recent times. However, George has in the past been treated for drug addiction. The acclaimed singer struggled with a heroin addiction which was treated using electro-acupuncture.


Boy George was born on June 14, 1961, and is presently 60 years old. His birthplace was Kent, England, and he belongs to the Gemini zodiac sign.

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