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Is Ed Asner Still Alive?

Images of an American actor, Ed Asner

Ed Asner who was formerly known as Yitzhak Edward Asner is an American actor, who is famous for his role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He belongs to a family of Jewish descent.

Asner is an alumnus from the University of Chicago which he attended in the late 1940s. During his time at the university, he acted in several films. A few years later he moved to Los Angeles, where he began his professional television acting. To date, he has acted in numerous films such as Slattery’s People. In his acting career, Asner has won several awards including the Emmy awards which he has won three times. Learn if Asner is still alive and what he is doing now in this review.

Ed Asner is Still Alive

The accomplished actor, Ed Asner is still alive. Nevertheless, his last show was on Working Class in 2011. In this show, he starred as a butcher who seeks companionship from a single mother. His latest film is Dead to Me, which debuted in 2019. In this film, Asner is providing his unique voice to one of the characters.

Death Rumors

Ed Asner is a celebrity who prefers to lead a private life and as such has not been subjected to any death rumors.  However, in 2021, Asner suffered a professional loss when his compatriot, Gavin MacLeod died.

Ed Asner with her co-actor, Gavin MacLeod

Gavin and Asner starred together in the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Asner and Gavin shared a lot of connections together. Asner eulogized Gavin as a brother, who will be dearly missed.

Health Update

Ed Asner’s health has been good in recent years. However, in 2013, Asner was hospitalized at a Chicago hospital due to fatigue. He stayed there for two days. Gary experienced signs of exhaustion and had to pull off the stage during a performance in Indiana.


Ed Asner is currently 91 years old. He celebrated his 91st birthday on November 15, 2020. Gary was born in 1929 in Kansas City, Missouri, and belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign.

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