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Is Frankie Valli Still Alive?

Frankie Vali is alive

Frankie Valli is an Italian singer who is the lead vocalist of the Four Seasons band. He was inspired to pursue a career in music by Frank Sinatra. Frankie was a barber before he ventured into full-time music production.

Frankie Valli began his career when he joined Variety Trio, as a singer, in 1951. He later left the band to start his solo career. Valli’s first single was in 1953 when he released this first single, My Mother’s Eyes. In 1960, Frankie formed the music band, Four Seasons and this was the beginning of great things. The band released hits like Sherry, Working My Back to You, and Rag Doll. Learn if Frankie is alive in this review.

Frankie Valli is Alive

The acclaimed singer Frankie Valli is still alive. Frankie is no longer active in music, but his contributions remain relevant to date. His last major project was in 2005 when the Four Seasons band released the critically acclaimed Jersey Boys.

Death Rumors

Fortunately, Frankie has not fallen casualty to any unfounded death rumors. However, death has robbed Valli’s some of his close family members in the past. In 1980, Frankie lost his stepdaughter, Celia, after a fall accident outside her apartment. Disaster struck again after six months when his daughter Francine died following a drug overdose.

Frankie Vali and his daughter, Francine Valli
The lead vocalist of the Four Seasons band, Frankie Vali, and his daughter, Francine Valli.

Health Update

Valli has not enjoyed the best of health in recent years. In 1967, Valli was diagnosed with otosclerosis, which leads to loss of hearing after some time. Luckily, in 1980 he underwent surgery which restored most of his hearing. Since then, Valli has not suffered significant health problems in recent years.


Presently, Frankie Valli is 87 years old and was born on May 3, 1934, in Francesco Stephen, Castelluccio.

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