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Is Gene Hackman Still alive?

Gene Hackman is alive

Gene Hackman is an American actor who is famous for starring in the film, The French Connection. Hackman began his acting career in 1950 when he joined Pasadena Playhouse Theatre. Gene later met with Dustin Hoffman, with who they shared a unique friendship.

Gene made his debut in 1958 when he starred in the film, Chaparral. Across the years, Hackman grew as an actor, and in 1992, he won his first Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor. Presently, Gene has acted in over 100 films and won several awards for his contributions. Discover if Gene Hackman is still alive in this review.

Gene Hackman is Alive

The accomplished actor Gene is still alive. Gene has not been acting in recent years, and this is because he is getting old. Nevertheless, he authored several books, such as Payback at Morning Peak in 2011 and Pursuit in 2013.

Gene Hackman has been living a quiet life away from the cameras since he stopped acting.

Death Rumors

The veteran actor Hackman is one of the many actors who has been subjected to unfounded death rumors. In 2015, an article by sports and culture blog Grantland misled people to believe the actor was dead rather than retiring. The headline stated, ‘The Greatest Living American Actor at 85: Gene Hackman Is Gone but Still in Charge’.

Nevertheless, the headline was later revised from Gone to Retired.

Health Update

Hackman has not experienced severe health challenges in recent years. However, in 1988, Hackman suffered chest pains and had to undergo angioplasty. These health problems made Hackman consider retirement, but he later returned to acting.

Gene Hackman in black suit and white shirt
An American actor, Gene Hackman.


91-year-old Hackman was born on January 30, 1930, in California, United States of America.

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