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Is George Strait Still Alive?

George Strait is alive

George Strait is an award-winning American musician who is known for country music. George began singing in a band when he was serving in the U.S. Military. In 1980, after leaving the military, George landed a contract with MCA records. He went on to produce numerous hits which topped the country music charts for decades.

George’s first single was, Unwound, part of his first album titled Strait country in 1981. This album was influential in increasing the awareness of country music over radio and is considered George’s most significant breakthrough. Over the years, George has won several awards, most notably, the Grammy award, which he won for his hit song, Troubadour, in 2001.

George Strait is Alive

The celebrated country music artist George Strait is still alive. George is not releasing new music regularly like before, but his music is still relevant to date. His last album was Cold Beer Conversation, which he released in 2015. Since then, he has been spending time with his wife at their residency in Las Vegas.

Additionally, the singer is also a sportsman who has interests in Golf and Skiing.

George Strait with his wife, Las Vegas
An award-winning American musician, George Strait and his wife, Las Vegas.

Death Rumors

Fortunately, the veteran musician has not been subjected to unfounded death rumors.  However, death has robbed George his daughter, Jennifer Lynn, who died following a tragic road accident. In honor of her memory, George founded The Jennifer Lynn Strait Foundation. The foundation supports needy children all over the globe.

Health Update

Strait has enjoyed the best of health across the years. However, earlier this year, he underwent knee replacement surgery, which led to cancellations of his planned shows.


69-year-old George Strait was born on May 18, 1952, in Texas, United States of America. The country music singer belongs to the Taurus zodiac sign.

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