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Is John Travolta Still Alive?

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John Travolta is alive

John Travolta is an American actor who hails from New Jersey. He is famous for his film, Saturday Night Fever, but he has featured in numerous projects. John began his acting career when he decided to drop out of high school at 16 years.

His first successful project was in the television series Welcome Back Kotter, in which he starred as Vinnie Barbarino. John’s breakthrough came in 1994 when he earned his second Oscar nomination for his performances in the film Pulp Fiction. A year later, John won a Golden Globe for his performances in the 1995 comedy, Get Shorty. Find out if John Travolta is still alive in this review.

John Travolta is Alive

The acclaimed actor John Travolta is still alive. The actor is still actively acting and has a handful of projects he has done in recent years. His last film was Trading Paint and the neo-noir The Poison Rose in 2019. Unfortunately, most of his recent work has received low reviews from critics.

Death Rumors

Travolta has not been subjected to unfounded death rumors. However, death has struck in his family, leading to the loss of his son and his wife. In January 2009, their son Jett died after he experienced a seizure while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Additionally, in July 2020, John’s wife, Kelly Preston, passed away after a long battle with breast cancer.

John Travolta with his late son and wife, Jett and Kelly
An American actor, John Travolta with his late son, Jett, and wife, Kelly Preston.

Health Update

Travolta has not been faced with significant health problems in recent years. However, the loss of his loved ones has resulted in a severe strain on his mental health. Travolta admitted that after their son Jett died, he suffered from depression.

John Travolta Age

Travolta is presently 67 years old and was born on February 18, 1954. He belongs to the Aquarius zodiac sign.

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