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Is Kim Jong-un still Alive?

Images of the current leader of the republic of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-un is the current leader of the Republic of North Korea. Kim Jong-un has been serving as North Korea’s supreme leader since the demise of his father in 2011. He studied at the International School of Berne before he joined Kim II-Sung National War College for five years.

Kim Jong was groomed by his father to become North Korea’s leader, and was often seen accompanying his father in official state functions. His reign as North Korea’s leader has been described as ruthless and as often resulted in fractured diplomatic ties with other nations. Learn if the Korean leader is still in this review.

Kim Jong-un is Alive

The authoritative Korean leader, Kim Jong-un is still alive. Kim is still the man in charge of North Korea and has been working extensively to improve the diplomatic ties with other nations. In recent times, Kim and South Korean president, Moon Jae-In have appeared to work together to have a unified Korea. In fact, in 2018, during the Winter Olympic Games, Kim sent his sister Kim Yo-Jong to represent him. Additionally, Kim met with ex-US President Donald Trump, in Singapore to discuss possible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Kim Jong Un with ex-US president Donald Trump, in Singapore

the current leader of the Republic of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, and Ex-US President Donald Trump.

Death Rumors

In May 2020, news about Kim Jong-un’s possible death was rife on the internet. This is because Kim Jong-un had been absent from several government functions. Many news outlets reported that the dictator died following heart problems, linking to his smoking habits. However, the N. Korean leader later appeared in a state function to quash the rumors.

Health Update

The Korean leader has not enjoyed the best of health in recent years. Nevertheless, the majority of Kim’s health problems are self-inflicted. The South Korean leader is obese and is a heavy smoker. Recently, rumors prevailed of Kim suffering from heart problems but this news was yet to confirm.


37-year-old North Korean leader was born on January 8, 1984 in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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