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Is Ned Luke Still Alive?

Images of a famous American voice actor, Ned Luke

Ned Luke is a famous American voice actor who hails from Danville. The veteran actor has voiced in Rover Dangerfield and a variety of video games. Growing up, Ned was good in sports and could have easily chosen a sporting career.

Ned Luke began voice acting in the early 1990s where he appeared as a guest in several television shows. To date, Ned has appeared in over 100 television commercials, most notably in Burger King and Budweiser. Additionally, Ned has voiced in Grand Theft Auto 5 which is one of the best-selling games in history. Learn if Ned Luke is alive in this review.

Ned Luke is Still Alive

Contrary to many reports, Ned Luke is still alive. He is still involved in acting but has not been acting regularly in recent times. His last television show was in 2015 when he starred as Randolph Wiley in the television series, Unfiltered.

Death Rumors

Unfortunately, Luke is one of the many celebrities who has been subject to a death hoax in 2020. The celebrity was hospitalized following covid-19 complications in January 2021. Ned Luke alerted fans on his Twitter page about his condition. Many fans responded by wishing the actor a quick recovery and offered messages of support.

However, some people with malicious intent started spreading rumors that the distinguished actor is dead. This false news by anonymous users was soon shut down by Twitter because Ned was alive and responding well to medication.

Ned Luke is admitted in hospital
A famous American voice actor, Ned Luke.

Health Update

In 2020, Ned shocked the world when he openly declared that he had contracted the novel covid-19 viruses. He was one of the first celebrities to contract the virus which has resulted in thousands of deaths in the United States of America. Luckily, Ned recovered from the virus after spending a few days in the hospital.


62-year-old Luke was born on October 4, 1958, and belongs to the Libra zodiac sign.

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