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Is Queen Elizabeth II Still Alive?

Queen Elizabeth is alive

Queen Elizabeth II is the current head of the state of England. She assumed the reign of power as queen in 1952, following the death of her father. She is the longest-serving monarch in British history. Her reign has been described as transformative because she has embraced modern ethos, but has maintained the traditions associated with the crown.

Before the Queen became a monarch, she had joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service to help in World War II. She trained alongside other British women and this allowed her to mingle with normal citizens. In the end, she became an expert driver and mechanic.

Queen Elizabeth II is Alive

The gallant, Queen Elizabeth II is still alive. The Queen is still the leader of Great Britain and remains the symbol of authority. The queen’s major involvement in government was in 2019 when she agreed to a request by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend parliament for a short period of time.

Death Rumors

Unfortunately, Britain’s Queen is one of the many VIPs who has been subjected to a death hoax. In 2018, they emerged false reports that the Queen had died. The false report began from a screenshot of a group post on WhatsApp. This false report soon spread on social media especially on Twitter using fake BBC and Sky News handles.

Nevertheless, Charlie Proctor of Royal Central came out to deny the rumors. He stated that the queen was alive and well.

Health Update

Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed the best of health in recent years. Nevertheless, in 2003, she underwent minor surgery to repair a torn cartilage from her right knee. Additionally, in 2013 she was hospitalized for treatment of gastroenteritis but generally, the queen’s health has been excellent.

Queen Elizabeth looking beautiful in crown

The current head of state of England, Queen Elizabeth II.


The charming Queen was born on April 21st, 1926, and is presently 95 years old.

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