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Is Stevie Wonder Still Alive?

Images of the veteran soul singer, Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is a celebrated American soul artist, who is regarded as one of the greatest of his generation. However, Stevie suffered a huge setback in his life when he lost his eyesight when he was barely six weeks old.

Stevie grew up as a curious boy who wanted to learn new things. As a result, when he was age 10, Stevie had taught himself how to play musical instruments. His mastery of musical instruments such as the piano caught the eye of Ronnie White, who was part of the Miracle band. Stevie went on to audition for Motown Records and the rest is history. He has won a record 25 Grammy’s as well as an Oscar in his career, making him one of the most decorated music artists of all time.

Stevie Wonder is Alive

The veteran soul singer, Stevie Wonder, is alive and well. In 2014, ex-US president, Barack Obama, awarded Stevie with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Nevertheless, Stevie has not been active in music in recent times, and this is because he has had health problems.

Death Rumors

Stevie Wonder has not been subjected to any death rumors but death has robbed him of some of his close compatriots. In 2018, during an interview with CBS News, Stevie recalled the last time he spoke with Aretha Franklin before her death. He described Aretha as a sister who he will dearly miss.

Additionally, Stevie has suffered some personal death scares in his life. In 1973, Stevie was involved in a gruesome accident, which left him in a four-day coma after sustaining head injuries. Luckily, the soul singer recuperated and was able to push on with his musical career.

Steve Wonder with his deceased sister, Aretha
The veteran soul singer, Stevie Wonder, and his deceased sister, Aretha Franklin.

Health Update

Stevie has experienced health challenges in recent months. In December 2019, Stevie Wonder underwent a kidney transplant, 10 months later he appeared at a virtual conference and he told his fans that he was well.


71-year-old soul singer, Stevie Wonder, was born in Michigan, United States of America on May 13, 1950.

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