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Is Ted Turner Still Alive?

Ted Turner is alive

Ted Turner is the founder of CNN, the largest news network in the world. Ted’s business acumen in the media industry was nurtured when he was working in his father’s company. In 1963, after his father’s retirement, Ted became president of the company.

Ted’s impact on the company was positive because he grew the company’s media coverage. He later renamed the company the Turner Broadcasting Company. It was the first 24-hour cable network. In 1980, Ted branded the company to modern-day Cable News Network (CNN). CNN became successful over time but Ted decided to sell the company to Time Warner for $ 7.5 billion. Let us learn if Ted Turner is alive in this review.

Ted Turner is Alive

The mogul, Ted Turner is still alive. Ted is not active in the management of his companies but he is still involved in decision making. Additionally, Ted is an active philanthropist and environmentalist. In 1998, Ted donated $ 1 million to establish the United Nations Foundation. Ted also aids in conservation efforts through Ted Foundation.

In 2008, Ted published his autobiography, Call Me Ted.

Death Rumors

The accomplished businessman, Ted, has not been subjected to any death rumors. However, Ted has in the past contemplated committing suicide. The reason behind his suicidal tendencies was a marriage breakup between him and Jane Fonda. Additionally, Ted was struggling with managing Turner Broadcasting at the time.

Nevertheless, the mogul managed to overcome his marital and business problems.

Ted Turner with his wife, Jane Fonda

The founder of CNN, Ted Turner.

Health Update

Ted has enjoyed the best of health for much of his life. However, in 2018, Turner revealed that he was suffering from a rare form of dementia which leaves him exhausted and forgetful. Additionally, his dementia is said to lead to a progressive brain disorder.


82-year-old, Ted was born on November 19, 1938, in Ohio, United States of America.

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