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Is Eminem Still Alive?

Images of an American rapper, Eminem

The legendary Eminem is an American rapper who is considered one of the greatest of all time. Originally known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III experienced a tough upbringing in the hands of his mother and stepfather. This caused Eminem to drop out of school in ninth grade and he did odd jobs in order to support his mother.

Eminem’s breakthrough came in 1996 when he was signed under Dr. Dre’s label. Three years later, he released his album, The Slim Shady LP which became a sensation. The album won him two Grammy awards and it scooped four MTV Video awards. Since then, Eminem has become a household name in the music industry.

Eminem is Still Alive

Yes, Eminem is still alive. The veteran rapper is still releasing music though not regularly. His last album was in 2018, titled Kamikaze. Eminem was also planning on several world tours but unfortunately, the covid-19 pandemic struck. This forced the rapper to cancel his planned concerts but we expect him to perform in the future.

Death Rumors

The accomplished rapper has been subjected to unfounded death rumors in recent times. In August 2020, a Twitter hashtag #ripeminem was trending following an anonymous post by a Twitter user, which stated, I have killed Eminem. This led to many messages of condolences from fans all over the globe. However, it was established that the tweet was misleading and Twitter reacted by deleting that account.

Health Update

The greatest rapper of all time has, in the past, battled with mental health issues. The accomplished rapper attributes his mental issues to his tough upbringing. The rapper was brought up without a father figure and this led to a lot of disconnect in his life. Furthermore, Eminem lost his only uncle who is considered a father at a young age and this left him reeling with pain.

Additionally, his relationship with his spouse Kim was a rocky one and it caused Eminem to struggle with depression at some point.

Eminem with his ex-wife, Kim
An American rapper, Eminem, and his ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Scott.


Presently, the rapper is 48 years old and belongs to the Libra zodiac sign. He was born in Missouri, United States of America on October 17, 1972.

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