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Is Pat Boone Still Alive?

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Images Of American actor cum singer, Pat Boone

Pat Boone who was originally known as Charles Eugene Boone, is an American actor cum singer. He is famous for his music hit song, I Almost Lost My Mind.

Boone’s career began at a tender age and he never looked back after winning a local talent show. His first professional television show appearance was in Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour. Since then, Boone has featured in several television shows. He has acted in God’s Not Dead 2 which is one of the most successful projects he has been involved in. Furthermore, Boone has received several awards including, the NME award among others. Find out if Boone is still alive in this review.

Pat Boone is Still Alive

The legendary singer, Pat Boone is still alive. The veteran singer has however retired from live performances. In 2018, Pat performed live one last time in Southern California, which has been his home for close to six decades.

In 2020, Boone released the reading of his own book titled, Footprints of God.

Death Rumors

The veteran singer, Pat Boone, has not been subjected to unfounded death rumors in recent times. However, in 2019, death robbed him of his partner of 65 years when his wife Shirley Boone died aged 84 years. Pat admitted that his home at the Beverly Hills is much lonelier now that his wife is gone. He hopes to join his life, Shirley, in heaven.

Pat Boone in white suit with his wife, Shirley

The veteran singer, Pat Boone, and his wife Shirley Boone.

Health Update

Pat Boone’s health has been good in recent years. However, after the death of his wife Shirley who died of vasculitis, the veteran singer became depressed. Pat has openly discussed the impact of losing his wife of 65 years in various news outlets. The singer admitted that he sometimes cries when he sees her pictures.


Pat Boone was born on June 1, 1984, and is currently 84 years old. He was born in Florida, United States of America and belongs to the Gemini zodiac sign.

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